My Story

I started my company FixLounge because I noticed my local neighborhood was in need of some quality and honest tech services. Before getting started, I actually was working for one of America's biggest corporations and was on my way up the corporate ladder. I would always go to work dressed to impress and made sure my shoes were always polished. It was a great workplace and I learned many lessons, however I was never satisfied because I knew deep down I was meant for something else. So a couple years ago I took a great risk and I quit my job to pursue my dreams!

I was familiar with the industry and I attacked it with devoting all my time and effort into creating a place where people can go and receive a pleasant experience. It was not easy at first because having limited money and resources gave me many setbacks, but I always ensured that myself and staff every single time did our absolute best hoping people would recognize our work. Like I mentioned earlier, I believe in honesty and quality and that is what we stand for.

Today, our hard work is starting to show. I currently about every day now receive phone calls to my cell phone from customers who were referred wanting our services. The crazy thing is I stopped utilizing my personal cell phone number on advertising campaigns a long time ago. However, I am very glad that this is happening.

I continue to devote everyday into FixLounge to make sure our customers are receiving the best quality parts as well as making it easy to do business with us. People ask me nowadays how I got started, I always respond, "one customer at a time." 

- Edgar Canabal

Founder and President