Thinking about trading in your Galaxy S6 for that new S7? Read this before you jump the gun!

The new Samsung Galaxy S7, with a release date scheduled for 3/11/2016, comes with a renovated design that improves the ergonomic feel of the phone in your hands while boosting durability in weather hazards like water and dust.

 If you're familiar with Galaxy S6, the S7 will seem comfortably familiar. The biggest change corrects what many S6 users perceived as the greatest flaw in the last generation, upgradeable internal storage capacity. The microSD card makes a welcome comeback in this iteration, allowing you to efficiently store and transfer up to 200 GB of your favorite songs, pictures, or videos. Samsung also enhanced the battery life with a beefy 3,000 mAh battery pack that is the largest in three generations of the Galaxy S. The increased power combined with more efficient drain and faster charging means a full day of use and a quick refresh before a night on the town.

 You won't see much difference in the display or TouchWiz, but this can be forgiven as both were of good quality in the S6. The camera has been improved with a double-dipping dual pixel design that enhances the capabilities despite a seemingly significant drop in the total number of pixels from 16 MP to 12 MP, or a reduction of 25% from the S6.

 Ultimately, the S7 will give you a bit more bang for your buck than the S6 if you're upgrading from an older device, but you don't have to rush to upgrade if your phone is relatively up to date unless battery life is a significant drain on your day.

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