3 Things You Shouldn't Do With Your iPhone. Must Read!

It's Not Rocket Science Folk's it's an iPhone

Owning an iPhone is an expensive investment. Taking good care of it, should go hand in hand with the with the money that passed between them just as well.

Don't Overcharge Your iPhone

The iPhone uses a lithium made battery. Have you ever seen a friends battery puff up or seem like its about to burst? Well that is a result of overcharging your device. Not only will you have less battery life expectation but you risk your battery expanding and possibly damaging your front lcd screen. Best thing to do is to charge your device right until you are going to bed and then disconnect. 

Don't Leave Your Phone Exposed to Hot Sun

Allowing your iPhone to lay out in the scorching sun can cause the screen to warp, crack and even shatter. Replacing the screen isn't a job that can easily be fixed by you at home, If the phone is new, it will have to be repaired at the shop to keep the warranty in effect. If all you were worried about was a cracked screen, you really haven't looked much at your phone lately, that mirrored image draws that heat right into the circuits and fries them to pieces. AKA (The Heat Screen of Death) A red warning lights up and flashes across the screen, miss it and your phone shuts down and stays down, hopefully, you are able to get to it in time. Within the hour or two, your phone would look hot and ready for some butter and juice if you aren't protecting it. 

Don’t Keep Phone in Back Pocket of Jeans

Storing your iPhone in your back pocket you may risk sitting in the wrong position and it snaps, shards of glass and metal may puncture your skin causing you to seek immediate medical attention.

The iPhone requires adequate ventilation, storing the device in your pocket may cause overheating resulting in the device catching fire and causing serious burns to your body and its surroundings.

At the end of the day, just go with the flow, disconnect it, put it away and keep it out of your pockets. It's Not Rocket Science Folk's it's an iPhone

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